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About this radio station

Rock 'n' Roll Legends was created after years of desire, thoughts, ideas, consideration and above all love and passion about music and lifestyle! It is dedicated to music that dates from the late 40's up till the early 60's. Our main desire is to entertain those that loved, still do and especially those will fall in love with Rock 'n' Roll music and all the other flavours of music and lifestyle of that era!

Rock 'n' Roll Legends is here to stay and will be keeping you company as an entertaining medium, a dream machine and a teleporter that will get your thoughts back to the golden era of music! 24/7/365 all around the clock and days of the year.

In this endeavour of ours to keep you entertained, we would great appreciate your patience and consideration with any technical issues that might arise and above all we would love to hear from you and/or get your feedback! So please do "give us a shout" using the form below! We are eagerly looking forward to it!

Rock 'n' Roll Legends is current currently running on what is know is as "backfill" which means that there is a collection of songs (about 850), of our choice which we hope you will enjoy that are streamed, in random order, to yous. Watch this space as there will be live broadcasts in the near future!

The station is under heavy development and what you are experiencing now is only the beginning! There are plans, hopes, courage and enthusiasm to turn it into a pleasant internet "corner" that all of us can enjoy the music, getting in touch online (chat room or something), organising nights/parties/balls/hops and you name/suggest it!

Please feel free to get in touch, suggest, propose, say Hi!

Be well, rock/rave on, love each other and may the vinyl, the suede shoes and your "curbed" fringe be always with you!

the "Legends" team!

Give us a shout!